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Giving and Receiving

How do we truly nourish our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits?

One profound teaching I received in my life is how essential it is to have a balance between being able to give and being able to receive. This is the season known as Late Summer. It is a time that focuses on receiving from Mama Earth and the FULLNESS that this can bring. Our Earth is endlessly generous - giving completely to remind us that we are taken care of. When we feel taken care of, we can truly open - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually - its so easy to give and give fully. Gratitude and goodness effortlessly flow forth from within. I encourage you to slow down this month and take time to receive the gifts of this life. The sunshine on our face - receive it. The love in your heart - give it. The food on your plate - receive it as though it is medicine. The kindness within you - offer it out as though it is medicine. This past week at the cottage, I was teaching my daughter about making ripples. I noticed no matter how small the objects was that we put in, there were ALWAYS RIPPLES. Everything we give, everything we receive has a ripple effect. It matters. And so do you. For some of us, it is very easy to give - give resources, give care, give compliments, but at the same time very hard to receive - receive help from a loved-one, receive support from the earth or time for rest. Without being able to receive, the softness of our own earth body can become hardened. Perhaps we have a hard time giving - giving ourselves, our time, our hearts, or our love. This can disrupt the cycle of life and doesn't allow this world the gift of receiving you. There is strength in opening to receive - receive love, receive the moments fully. There is so much joy in giving - in giving from our hearts.

We absolutely need them both to be in harmony and flow. RECEIVE, GIVE, REPEAT



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