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Somatic Experiencing

This modality of healing works with your nervous system to release unprocessed stress and trauma. 

What does this mean? Our systems are wired to respond to stress and threats in our environment. In daily life, this happens countless times a day. Then there are the bigger stresses and trauma like losing a loved one, injuries, attacks, socials injustices to name a few. When we don't process these events or stressors that stay in our body and wreck havoc on our health. 

Anything can be a symptoms of unprocessed stress and trauma but a few major signs:

- anxiety / depression

- panic attacks

- difficulty sleeping

- digestive issues

- chronic fatigue

- mood swings

In this therapeutic approach, we sit together and explore what is happening in your body. Where you notice stress, emotions, tensions and even images. We use these as clues for where the unprocessed energy exists. By giving space for these things to be noticed and felt, they start to naturally release from the body. 


Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) is a type of spiritual healing that combines the traditions of ancient Chinese Five Element Medicine and the indigenous practice of using plant spirits for healing. It is an extremely powerful and yet subtle form of healing. The PSM Healer calls on the extraordinary healing abilities of the plants to bring balance and harmony into your life, removing whatever is standing your way.

Although this is not a common-practice in today's society, plant spirit medicine has been practiced, in one way or another, across the world throughout history. These days quick fixes and band-aid solutions are abundant. This medicine is different; it goes directly to the core of the individual – to the imbalance or place that needs healing - delivering exactly what is needed. Each treatment builds upon the last, laying the foundation for a healthy, balanced, and joy-filled life.

This medicine awakens and enlivens connection: to one’s self, to others and to the natural world, which is life-changing! 

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